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Sorella Sara Leckie
The Italy Rome Mission
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00141 Roma

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Email from Sara 10/28/08

Ciao tutti!!!

Come va????   I can't believe that this is my last p-day in the MTC.  It's bittersweet really.  I've come to love my district and companion so much that it will really be sad to say bye.  Everyone got their travel plans last Friday so that was pretty exciting.  Even though we are on two different flights all of us will be leaving from SLC around 7:30 Tuesday morning and going to Chicago where we will be for about 5 hours.  The people going to milan will be there for about 3 hours so we have a little more time to say bye.  I do think I'll be able to call while I'm in Chicago. I have a calling card and I'm just planning to call mom's cell phone.  If there's a problem with this or any complaints you better send me a letter this week :)   I'm excitedly terrified to leave the relative security of the MTC.  I feel like I just don't know Italian well enough to go and actually teach people. 

Yesterday in our last TRC (where we go and practice teaching a lesson to someone in Italian) it was very frustrating becauce our "investigator"  asked a question that first of all was impossible to understand in Italian- and second of all- once I did figure out what his question was I'm not even sure if I could answer it in English.  Mama mia!  We recovered the lesson, but it was a bit dissatisfying to not leave feeling that we had answered his question.  But, alas, it was probably a good experience for me to realize that not everyone in Italy is going to know all the answers to the questions :). 


I'm jealous when I hear about the fire in the fireplace and going camping.  Lately the weather here has been absolutely perfect for going camping and I really just want to go up the canyon and have a bonfire.  It's painful when we walk back to our residence hall and I think about all the fun bonfires I had and how perfect it would be up there right now... *sigh*... but right now I get to get ready to go to Italy... and what could be better than that?!?  I do have a feeling that Thanksgiving will be a little different there than here... oh wait a minute... I'm actually pretty positive that it will be non-existant.  But, I'm sure I'll have some good Italian food to make up for the turkey and dressing.  :)


I do have some sad news...  At gym the other day I lost my watch and CTR ring.  I put it on the bleachers like I always do and then when it was time to go it wasn't there anymore.  I suspect that someone just picked it up accidentally but they haven't turned it in to lost and found yet.  Believe me- I've checked... and checked... and checked.   One of the anziani has been nice enough to let me steal his watch for a few days, but my teacher is going to go to walmart to pick up one for me because at the bookstore they're all $40+.  I think I will buy a new CTR ring though... I just feel naked without it, but it's so sad because I've had that one for so long.  Oh well... life goes on.


It's kind of funny how the elders in my district don't seem to trust the sisters anymore... we have played a few too many tricks on them... but they seem to like it even if they pretend not to :) We haven't done anything bad... just little things like move they're stuff around when no one else is in the room... really harmless.  I don't like mean pranks so we don't do any of that. 


Today is my last temple day for a year and a half.  I'm really sad. I've come to love going to the temple and will miss not being able to.  We've all decided to go back when the Rome temple is dedicated- that's a good excuse, right?  Anyhow...


I guess I'm gonna sign out now.  This week, I know, will fly by.  I'm excited for the chance to go to Italy and for the chance to help people come unto Christ.  Our teacher was sharing some stories about her mission, and it just reminded all  of us that there are people in Italy waiting to hear the gospel.  Thanks for the letters and prayers.


Vi voglio piu bene!!! 


Sorella Leckie

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Email from Sara 10/21/08

Alrighty, I'm thinking this won't be as long of a letter this week because I've made a cassette tape for you.  I'm going to mail it today- don't get too excited it's probably ridiculously boring.  Sorella Hawkey was kind enough to let me use her tape recorder so you get a tape.  There's a tape player under the foot of my bed in one of the containers if you can't find one anywhere else :)

Okay, I think I did mention a lot of this on the tape, but I guess some of it you will just get to hear twice.

Our new district arrived on wednesday. There are 6 sisters who will all be going to rome, and 8 elders.  7 will be going to Milan and one to Rome.  It's really kind of cool- there's a set of twins in the new district and that is the one elder who is going to Rome.  How crazy would it be to be in the MTC with your brother?  It's good though.

I did recieve the other package, and I'm drawing a blank on what other things I could want.  To a large extent it's probably cheaper for me just to buy most things that I may want here instead of having you mail them.  But thanks for the offer.

I was so sad to hear about BYU's loss- very disapointing, but I guess all good things must come to an end, right?

I sang in Sacrament meeting on Sunday-  I was kind of nervous so it wasn't as good as I would have liked, but I could tell that it touched some hearts- which is why we have music in Sacrament meeting, so I guess that's good enough.  I need to go back and read E. Uchtdorf's talk in Relief Socitey and remind myself not to focus on the things that I could have done better, and be thankful for what I was able to do.

Note for dad:
There are horseshoe pits here; I keep trying to challenge people to a match, but no one is brave enough.  =)   I'm glad to know you're still playing.  I challenge you to a game in... hmmm.... about 17 months, and then you'll be able to beat me fair and square I'm sure.

I CANNOT believe that I only have 2 weeks left in the MTC.  AHHHHH!!!  It's kind of interesting to see the change of heart I've had about the MTC, because before I didn't even want to spend any time here at all because it "was too much like a prison" in my mind... you go in, but you're not allowed to go out, but now I don't want to leave.  I love my teachers, my companion, my district, my zone, the atmosphere, everything.  Now I'm loathe to leave (I think I used that word right :)

I'm not sure when you 'll need to start sending snail mail to Italy... I'm really just anticipating continuing with the emailing.  But just in case I wanted to put my address for Rome in this letter:
CP 11/282 Montesacro
00141 Rome RM, ITALY
for packages:
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Rome, RM, ITALY
no excuses now :)

This week has been really great- We got to hear from Richard G Scott on last Tuesday, and Sheri Dew this past sunday.  And we actually go to shake hands with both of them.  A cool experience for so many who haven't had the opportunity to shake the hand of an apostle before.  I'm very fortunate that this was time number 3 for me.

I was feeling pretty discouraged a bit earlier in the week- I wasn't sleeping well, and I felt like I wasn't working hard enough, and I always feel pretty stupid when it comes to learing Italian- all in all it was kind of rough, but then we were preparing to teach the Plan of Salvation yesterday and we were preparing to teach the atonement and discussing Alma 7:11-13, and it was such a testimony builder for me that even when I am having a rough day/week/ or whatever that my Savior wants to help me and knows how because He's experienced all of my pains- however minimal- so that he would know how to succor ME.  What a great message of hope for all those who don't know.
I'm so thankful for this opportunity I have to share the gospel with the people of Italy- and pray that I will be able to serve in such a way that the Lord will be able to say "well done, thou good and faithful servant."

Again, I love you all and hope all is well!

Vi voglio bene- piu!!
Sorella Leckie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Email from Sara 10/13/2008


Mom- you can elaborate as much as you want.  I love all the details.  And as far as being in Italy, I'm pretty sure emailing will be just fine. 

Wow-- the weeks pass so quickly here.  There is still so much for me to learn, I just don't know how I'm going to fit it all into the next three weeks.  We have some new sisters and elders coming in this wednesday so our zone will increase in size dramatically.  There are six new sisters coming in who will all be going to Rome.  Very exciting.  I really wonder just how many sisters serve there- there must be a ton. 

I've had so many opportunities to hear great talks since i've been here.  This past sunday we had a relief society lesson from one of the members of the RS general board and the lesson was amazing.  She used a metaphor of Sarah Hughes (an Iceskater in the 2002 olympics) and her relationship with her coach, the crowd, and her reception from her coach at the end of her performance.  She applied this to our missions and also our lives.  Our coach would be the Lord, or any other guiding influences in our life.  The crowd- the angels who are cheering us on. And the reception from the coach at the end how we'll feel entering our Father's presence again.  It was absolutely amazing- you should look up her routine on youtube or something and watch it with this in mind.  Fantastic.


We did actually see some snow the other day- two days acutally.  It didn't ever snow long enough to really stick down in the valley, but the Y was covered with a light blanket :)  Pretty cold around here lately.  But I'm in a classroom most of the day so it's really not a big deal.  My coat situation is fine for now, layers work really well.


I did get my package the other day- it was like Christmas!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 


I got a lot of letters yesterday- It was great!  I'm pretty excited about the fruit trees- and I totally think you should get a cow.  I'm not sure why, but I think that would be pretty cool :)


That's really exciting about the Spanish Branch.  That came up really fast- what a blessing for them and for the ward. 


I've come to the conclusion that I need to take smaller bites with my goal making.  I get overwhelmed with where I would like to be with the language and the gospel and I want to be so much farther than I am, and I bite off more than I can chew and just end up not doing any of the things I made a goal to do.  I'm working on making goals that are managable on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  One talk we had the other day was on becoming consecrated missionaries and leaving everything on the alter.  It's hard to do, but I know if I can do it, that my mission will be more than I ever hoped for.  One think he said was that the Lord doesn't expect immediate perfection, but He does expect immediate progress.   I'm going for progress! 


Alrighty, well I'm gonna head out of here.  I love hearing from everyone and being able to keep tabs on what everyone is doing. 

I'm so blessed to be able to be here.  I have a fantastic companion and I absolutely love my district.  My teachers are amazing and push and stretch us to be better and better.  I'm truely able to see the hand of the Lord in my life each day.  I love you all and pray for you each day!! 




Sorella Leckie

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pictures 10/11/2008

So Sara's companion (Breanna Hawkey aka Sorella Hawkey) also has a blog that her sister is keeping for her (like I am doing here for Sara).  Today there new pictures on Breanna's blog that I have "borrowed" since Sara is in them...          

Sara & Breanna in front of the MTC
Sara and her zone in front of the Provo Temple

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Email from Sara 10/7/08

What a fantastic week!  I cannot even describe how excited we all were
to hear that there is going to be a temple in Roma! And somehow the
excitement isn't dying down at all.  We watched conference in the gym
and most of the Italian missionaries were sitting together. Let's just
say that all of the people in the gym knew where the Italians were
sitting :).  I know it is an answer to so many prayers.  Their closest
temple right now is Switzerland, so this will open up so many
opportunities for so many.  One of my teachers was telling us that she
had been recieving calls and texts non-stop since the announcement. (She
served in Milan) and that in Italy when the announcement was  made there
was a "standing ovation."  A temple will be such a great blessing, but I
know that great opposition will follow.  We're getting ready.

Conference was just amazing.  It was a nice break from the routine.  I
really loved so many talks it's hard to narrow it down to even a few,
but two thoughts that I just wanted to share that have been on my mind
are from President Holland's talk and pondering ways that I can be an
angel for others.  Another point that really stood out to me as I've
been learning how to teach and the importance of teaching was Brother
Gerald Causse when he said that the principle goal of a lesson is
conversion in people's hearts and that you know you have been a
successful teacher when people's lives change.  It's so difficult to
make people's hearts change becasue we cannot do it, but by bringing the
Sprit into a lesson, lives change. It's a daunting task, but It will be
worth it.

We all have a renewed determination to be better this week and in the
coming weeks.  One of my teachers (Sorella Clayton) Is amazing and truly
inspires us to be the best missionaries that we can.  She has been
teaching at the MTC for several years and really knows how to push us to
be better.  Both she and Fratello MacDonald are great teachers.

It was really interesting to watch conference as a missionary. I'm not
sure if  there have always been so many references to missionary work or
if it just seemed more pronounced this time because I am a missionary.
It was great.

We are once again attempting to speak only in Italian this week, becasue
we know we will be better if we can and will do it.  We did cheat a bit
at the end of last week... I know it's an excuse, but conference kind of
threw us off a little bit, but in a good way.  We had heard before the
little story about the missionary who thought he couldn't learn spanish,
and we try to remind ourselves frequently that we're glad it's only
Italian and not something much much more difficult.

About 10 missionaries from my zone sang in the priesthood session and
becuase the Relief Society broadcast ends before the priesthood session
we went over by where the elders were watching priesthood so we could at
least listen to the last song.  We were sitting on the steps and one of
the older gentlemen who works in the sound booth asked us if we wanted
to come and watch the last song.  Of course we said yes and we did see
one of the elders.  Apparently in the first song most of the elders from
my district made an apperance.  They're watching it today so hopefully
i'll get to see it.  They sounded SO good.  It's amazing how good they
can be when they try.  :)

On to other  things I'm so thankful for all of the letters I recieve.
During the week I get selfish and think I haven't gotten any letters and
then on tuesday when I go to respond I look at the pile of mail I've
recieved and it's a great reminder of how many people love and support
me.  Thanks to all.  I wish I could respond to every letter, but I don't
think I physically have time... but keep'em comin'!! :)  I love hearing
what's going on with everyone and am glad that people are reading the
blog.  Thanks, Crystal for doing that.  I'll try to keep it interesting.

I can't say that I'm sad that I'll be missing this round of Sister's
unite :)  But I wish you well in your endeavors!
Also, thanks Crystal for taking care of my earrings while I'm gone...
that's just too generous of you :) Oh!and for sending me the forecast-
the other sisters and I really appreciate it!

It's kind of strange how much I like hearing about the garden.  I'm not
sure why I like it so much, but just knowing that you're still getting
things out of the garden makes me happy for some reason.

I continue to be thankful for a wonderful companion.  She is one of the
most thoughful people I've ever met.  She is always writing kind notes
to people- people that I would have never even thought of sending
something to- so it's a good example for me to not be so concerned with
myself and look to the needs of others around me.

I love all of you and am so thankful for all of the support that I
recieve ogni gourni!   Grazie! Grazie!  Grazie!

Vi vogilo bene!!!

Sorella Leckie  :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Letter & Picture 10/2/08

Howdy Fam!

I was hoping that you wouldn't mind delivering these notes to the respective places. THANKS! (I'm trying to save a few stamps and was going to send you a picture anyway).

I also forgot to tell you a funny (and yes it is funny) story about my companion falling down the stairs. We were racing-bad idea-I know and I was winning and she said, "You're goin' down." Right about then I hear a nice *thunk* and I turn around to see her sitting on the stairs and her shoes are at the bottom. I'm sure it isn't quite as funny without seeing it, but the timing was amazing. We laughed all the way back to our room. Yes-she's okay.

We go up and down stairs ALL day long because our room is on the 4th floor and our class is on the 4th floor. You're think that we'd be good at going up and down stairs by now-but no. And it's still not any easier to walk up 4 flights of stairs.

Also I forgot to tell you that we do get to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday. I'm really excited-especially because it's in English. : )

We also get to watch the Relief Society broadcast during Priesthood session-so that will be bene. I'm sad that we don't get to watch the elders sing. About 10 elders from my zone are singing in the MTC choir for Priesthood session. We do get to hear them practice, though, because for service we clean the building they practice in. It's gonna be good.

Alrighty-I'll write again next week! Vi volio bene!

Sorella Leckie : )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Email from Sara 9/30/08

Dear Family!

Alrighty... This week is going to be a rough one. We are speaking only in Italian for the entire week. You may think... "Wow, she knows enough Italian to go a whole week without english!" Don't think that. I know nowhere near enough. My companion and I have resorted a few times already to a strange sign language known only to us. :) As difficult as it is and will be in the next few days, I know it will help a ton. I can already tell that I am learning more.

Okey dokey... Let's see.... this week I jammed my finger pretty good playing basketball. The sister I was guarding/was guarding me was REALLY aggressive and of course instead of just backing off I kind of stepped it up a little. About two minutes before gym time ended an elder made a really bad pass and so me and the other sister were jumping up to get it. I reached it first, but only with one finger. Non bene! But it's getting much better now. It's still kind of purple, but I can bend it a little more now.

Just so you know what's going on- I've decided not to print off more pictures, but just put them on a CD at the bookstore, so I'll do that when I have a good many pictures, that way you'll have them electronically.

It's always fun to get your letters. It's really my only link to the world while I'm here in the MTC. Ironically I did know about the movie Forever Strong because there is an article about it in the Church News. It's actually a rugby team from Highland. You should read the article. The team has an AMAZING record- somethink like 360 wins and 9 losses. Crazy.

I had no idea about the Gas crisis. One of our Branch Presidency made a very vague reference to the "current situation" right now but we didn't really know what that meant. It's a cross between being really great and really frustrating not know what's going on in the world. Although, I'm enjoying the bubble more than I might have thought.

That sounds fun to have Holley and the girls visit for such an extended time. It will be a great opportunity to get to know them a little better.

I'm sad/excited to hear about Kate's hair. Be sure to send me pictures! I was also strangely excited to hear about the garden. I'm glad that you are still getting things. How is the sweet potato project going?

I can't believe how fast the time here is going. I leave for Italy in 5 weeks. That is not very many, and I can only hope that my Italian improves by leaps and bounds before then.

Each week we go to the LRC/TRC (Language Resource Center/Teaching Resource Center) There we do a door approach or some other random small assignment in Italian with some volunteers who speak Italian. We do the first part entirely in Italian and the past few weeks I will throw in a word or two and pretty much just stand there and try to figure out what in the world is going on. My companion took Italian in college for a semester so she's way ahead of me and understands a million times more than I do. After that we teach a lesson in English. This week was the last time we teach in English, so next week will be really really tough. Anyhow, yesterday something really strange happened. I was acually able to speak Italian in the LRC. Sorella Hawkey was having a rough day and the Italian just wasn't coming out of her mouth, but I can't help but think that it was the Spirit helping me to speak, because I've never been able to to that before so quickly. I'm not saying I conjugated everthing right or used all the right words, but I was able to spit them out in a somewhat cohesive and comprehensive manner. It was a good experience.

Alrighty, well there's a long line for the computer and I'm about out of things to say, so I'll head out. Thanks for all the letters. They really make my day(s)!! I love you all!!!!!

Love, Sorella Leckie

P.S.- I'm pretty sure I understood what you were talking about with the money situation and it sounds fine.

P.P.S- I'm assuming you haven't sent a package yet, I know this might be kind of expensive to mail, but I was wondering if you would send a set of those new scriptures that are under the TV in the Family room. I think my triple is going to bite the dust any day now. It was silly of me to think that it would make it 18 months with the perpetual use. I might not use my english one as much later on, but it's still pretty rough. If you can't or don't want to, that's fine and I'll make do, but it would be nice.