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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Email from Sara 3/3/10

Quick One

Alrighty, this is gonna be quick becuase I've taken forever today doing other things.

Saturday was so much fun. We went out to the beach and played American Football (touch) instead of playing soccer at church. It was perfect weather and so much fun.

Yesterday we had my last Zone Conference in the mission and I have to say that it was kinda sad. I will miss that a lot, I think. There is a mission hymn and I just love it and I was really a bit sentimental when we were singing it yesterday. I love it. There truly is just something so special about being a missionary. Everyone should do it!!

As far as the work is going: Fiorella didn't feel sure with her date of 5 marzo and now she is deciding when she'll be baptized. I really hope it's soon. I also found out yesterday at Zone Conference that a family that we worked with in Pistoia has a baptisimal date for the beginning of June. I'm so excited for them to all be members of the church together. Their kids are already baptized, but this will mean that they can work towards going to the temple. Che bellissima!!! Veronica, Josy, and Leslie are still good... we're really just waiting for parental permission. Frustrating, but essential.

Other than that life is good. I'm happy, healthy, and loving being in Italy.

I'm out of time but I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful week and that you do something nice for someone else!

Love you all so much!!!
Sorella Leckie

Me and my Comp, Sorella Naslund!!

This is last wednesday when I ran allong the lungomare! So pretty!

I love the terazza!! There was so much wind and just a beautiful sunset.


Karen Ella said...

Hey Crystal, (or Sara, if you actually see these), when does Sara come home? It's very soon, isn't it?

Karen (from Utah)

Crystal said...

Yes! It is VERY soon! She comes home March 26th!!! I am beyond ecstatic! :)