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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Email from Sara 3/17/10

Oh what a beautfiful day!

Today has been GREAT! We went up to La Spezia as a district and met up with the missionaries there and went hiking. It's so beautiful! It's starting to feel more like spring and I absolutely love love love it!

This week has been great. Josy decided that she will be baptized in July. Fiorella is deciding between three dates in April. Veronica is doing a presentation on the church for her class. Lara came to church for the first time after investigating the church for 6 years. Antonella came to a Relief Society activity. Stella (a less active member) has been in church the last two sundays. Silvana (a crazy inactive) wants to come back to church. Gil came to church on sunday. Lots of good things happening here. On average as a district we have about 10 investigators in church. I've never been in a district when it was like that. The branch is super supportive and we had a little fireside the other night as a "mini-MTC" to help them know how they can help us more and they loved it.

We also had a miracle the other day... I lost my wallet... I know shocking, right? Anyhow, i'd left it actually on a foosball table near the sea at about 4 pm and didn't realize that I'd forgotten it until about 8:30 that night. The sense of dread set in quick and hard. I remembered exactly where I'd left it and thankfully we were with a member who could drive us to the place (the buses don't go after 8.15 or so) So we ran there and miraculously the place was still open (usually everything closes around 8) and it wasn't there on the table so we ran inside and asked and the man working said that someone had left a business card and had my wallet. YAY!! But the story doesn't end there. So I call the number... SUPER nice man who coincidentally lives accross the street from the church and has a beautiful family and said that we could come back to teach them about the gospel. Amazing experience. It went from being an awful feeling to a SUPER happy feeling. It's great. That was just a day ago so we haven't been back yet. The story will continue...

Anyhow. Yeah, life is good. We're still just working hard. I love these people!!!!

Alrighty, gonna go attach some pretty pictures from our hike today. Love you all so much!!!!
Sorella Leckie

These are all from this morning. We left a bit early to go to La Spezia. The missionaries in the group picture are: Anziano Manwaring, Grigg, Ehorn, Me, Hervoyavich, Slla Naslund, Hansen, Dalia, Anz Reyes, Hoopes.