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Sorella Sara Leckie
The Italy Rome Mission
Piazza Carnaro, 20
00141 Roma

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sara Comes Home!!! 3/26/10

After posting Sara's emails so diligently for her entire mission, I completely bombed the last post. Sara arrived home from her mission on Friday, March 26th. Her original flight was due in at 6:55. However, that was with a flight time of one hour from Atlanta. Everyone who's flown that route knows that it doesn't take an hour to get from ATL to GSP, I figured her flight would get in early. At 6:15 it was saying the actual arrival time was scheduled to be 6:46. I drove separate from the rest of my family and when I was just getting off the interstate at the airport exit, I saw Sara's plane fly over my car and land. AHHH! She was even earlier than predicted. My family was also just arriving and we walked as fast as we could (actual arrival time ended up being 6:32) to meet Sara. We met up with her in the hall. So exciting!! She looked just great and it was so exciting to see her! We went to get her luggage and hers was the first one off. We were in the car on the way home before her flight was originally scheduled to land. Crazy! Here are some pictures from Sara's home coming:

Poster that Aunt Thelma made (note the Italian leather boots)

Another Welcome Home sign & balloon from Mom & Dad

On our way into the airport!

There she is!

Headed for baggage claim

Sign from the Nathan Leckie family...