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Sorella Sara Leckie
The Italy Rome Mission
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00141 Roma

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Email from Sara 12/23/09


Wow! I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then its CHRISTMAS!!!!! This will be extraordinarily short this week siccome I will talk to most of you this week. We've been singing lots this week and i LOVE Christmas music. Honestly that's probably one of the things I miss the most- apart from just being at home with family. But it's all bearable. The members and our investigators here are wonderful. Last year we weren't really invited to spend Christmas with anyone, which was fine and it was really nice to have a day to just relax. But here a ton of members have invited us to come over and were somewhat disappointed when we told them we already had an appointment. I would love to be able to spend Christmas with so many of them but it's just not possible. I want to try to make cinnamon rolls to take to some of the members though. We just gots to do them today. We had interviews with President yesterday and I was reminded how much our Heavenly Father truly loves us. It was a great reminder and I was so thankful. I know that deep down inside of me He loves me, but I guess sometimes its just easier for me to see how much he loves others. I realize that I need to focus more on seeing the love He has for me. It's not really hard, just a good reminder.

Alrighty, well, sorry there's no pictures, but I'll try to send some next week. Love you all and hope everyone has a very very Merry Christmas and that you do something nice for someone else!

Love you all so much!!!
Sorella Leckie